Things Held Dear Trilogy

May 2020 - June 2023

My films “This Was Life On Earth,” “Things Held Dear,” and “There You Go Again,” compiled as a trilogy.

There You Go Again

June 2023

Multimedia film featuring 3D Blender animation, live footage, and original song “There You Go Again.”

Tomato the Dog Loves to Dance

April 2022

Stop motion animation featuring felted puppet with hand sewn clothes. Choreographed by Stephanie Sosa.

The Fable of the Fox & the Stork

March 2022

A retelling of Aesop’s Fable of the Fox & the Stork featuring paper puppets and original music. Debuted at the first annual CRANE Asian Artist Showcase at North Carolina State University in 2022.

Little Spirit, Little Soul

March 2022

Short film featuring found object marionette puppet and original song “Little Spirit, Little Soul.”


December 2021

Multimedia film featuring 2D digital animation, 3D modeled assets, stop motion animation, paper cutout animation, pencil animation, live action video, and original song “How To Breathe in Sunlight.” Made in collaboration with Kent Ortiz and Nathan Royall.

can you change the radio?

July 2021

Pencil animation with digital color featuring original music. Made for “Can You Change The Radio” 48 hour film anthology hosted by Chris Kim & Matthew Leahy.

Things Held Dear

April 2021

Multimedia film combining toy theater, paper mache puppet heads, shadow puppetry, 2D animation, and original song “Things Held Dear.”

This Was Life On Earth

May 2021

Pencil animation with digital color. 48 hour film featuring original music. Personal project, predecessor to “Things Held Dear.”


April 2020

Pencil animation with personal found footage and audio. Inspired by “Haiku” from A Wren Can Sing by Joan Wyrick Ellison.