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I’m a Korean/Taiwanese-American animator, illustrator, and musician currently in residence at Artspace in Raleigh, NC.

I started out as a digital animator in college, but when the pandemic made my entire life digital I started freaking out and taking puppetry classes. Introducing multimedia elements into my work is what made it click for me. I love learning a convoluted niche process just for the sake of making one shot more interesting, or to find a weird shortcut to make something uniquely lazy. I've also never been able to decide whether I prefer visual art or music, so film is something that allows me to do both.

In the end I'm just doing this because I live for when people leave a supportive string of emojis in my comments. And because I like to think the emojis are sincere, and that I made their day a bit nicer by showing them a little movie.

Send me some emojis at

Skills Include:
2D Animation
Graphic Design
Puppetry/Soft Construction
3D Modeling
Music Composition
Social Media Marketing
Script Coverage